Sitemap - 2020 - the examined family

End-of-year giving guide

What were the gifts of a smaller life?

2020: The Year of the Zoom Crew

Sunday Times Snapshot

Instructions on how to mourn

Sunday Times Snapshot

It's okay to just be sad

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Five gifts for the examined family

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Private school tents & public longing

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Vaccines and vision for the work ahead

To those calling for unity

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A prayer to get through this day

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Making the equitable choice the easiest choice

We got this

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Caring for the light; not denying the dark

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Decolonizing architecture

Making our country whole again

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Who are we going to be now?

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Trump's name in my mouth

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'As a White Southern woman, I have a lot to unpack'

Flights to nowhere

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Personal news: My labor and love

How many people need to be doing their job well in order for you to do your job well?

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Some things just hurt

The questions underneath the questions

Sunday Times Snapshot

How is Zoom changing us?

'No right to give up on this magnificent planet'

Non-binary or bust

Teaching as resistance

Giggling in the apocalypse

"That little girl was me."

Searching for my own elation

The Little Grief Alongside the Big

7 Questions for Pod-Curious Parents

Frienemies of the Pods

"Budgets are moral documents"

And...the rage is back.

White people under construction

What to my elder is your fourth of July?

Take a slow road at every relational turn

381 days

Surrendering mental shackles in 'the after times'

Joy is untouched by circumstance

Why are white people waking up now?

How We Show Up

Not just another June in America

This is all I got

You tell me: will we miss this?

Graduating into a transformed world

Craving a horizon

This is not an academic exercise

Was that okay?

The tiniest frontlines

America's no-bullshit moment

Fluency in tenderness

My tiny yellow book

Food, farming, and fiction for apocalyptic times

A metaphor to understand this moment

White rules for black people

Unnecessary suffering and necessary meaning

Drawing uncharted territory

And now, the rage

Trauma is self-defined

Try not to destroy one another. Notice who you actually are. 

Discussion thread: what are you learning from children about how to survive and adapt?

Dear Allison...

What on earth have I done?

Discussion thread: what bigness is being born in you in this moment?

You are not okay and you are not alone.

Discussion thread: how are you pausing? what deeper questions are you asking?

Learning from the pandemic pause

Discussion thread: healing collabo instead of white coat authority?

All the feels in the doc's office

Stop only quoting MLK

The girl who would not sleep

All the ages and books inside of you

New Friendship Is the Last Great Romance

The paradox of vulnerability

My dad was my doula

Your first questions

What was your first question?

My friend is dead, but don't call her a hero

When serendipity isn't big enough

Dead reckoning: thoughts on 2020

Is the world really ending?

Check all the windows