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Brene Brown talks and writes about this idea also, how needing to be 'low maintenance' can prevent people from acknowledging what they actually need and trying to get there.

Then there is the counter perspective that comes up a lot in discussions of Buddhism and Stoicism that wanting and needing also have the potential to make people needlessly miserable.

There is a sweet spot somewhere in there.

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Wow, thank you for the introduction to this book, Courtney! It comes at a perfect time as I'm navigating how to recognize and advocate for my own needs as the mother of an increasingly independent 18mo, a fairly recent business owner, and the adult child of a family system that's rife with enmeshment and other flavors of dysfunction. Grateful for this community! I'm buying the book at Powell's this weekend.

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I’m immensely grateful for this introduction to Mara through this typically illuminating interview. Now I must read her book! So much of this need to care for oneself reminds me of the helpful advice from AA and Al-Anon that has helped my family.

Also, we just saw the film “You Hurt My Feelings” and I really liked it. I wonder if Mara and Courtney have any thoughts about either AA or the movie? DD

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I really want to see that film but haven't yet, DD!

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