Examined Family Movie Club

Sound of Metal edition

You guys, have you seen The Sound of Metal? It was nominated for best picture this year and you can watch it on Amazon Prime. It BLEW ME AWAY. Here’s the trailer:

I can’t stop thinking about it. The acting is excellent. The writing is super sparse and realistic. The dynamics around deafness and disability are important. But the thing that I can’t stop thinking about is ACCEPTANCE.

This movie is so deeply about acceptance, and I realize there isn’t enough art about that even though it is such a foundational part of our lives as humans in imperfect bodies and imperfect relationships on this imperfect planet.

Why don’t we make more art about this? I feel like the metaphorical Blockbuster of our human existence is filled with movies about transcendence, but the section on acceptance is tiny and in the back corner where nobody sees it.

If you have watched this movie, will you please tell me about what you noticed in the comments section? I’m so hungry to hear about how it impacted other people. If you haven’t seen this movie, will you watch it and then tell the rest of us?

And/or if you know about other great art on acceptance, will you also tell us about it?

I’m sorry to make you work so hard this week, but this is really what’s on my mind and I just can’t wait to hear from you.