Drum roll please...

Hi friends,

This is an exciting week—my first using Substack, a new newsletter platform. What’s cool about Substack (in addition to the fact that one of my favorite young women works there now….someone I’ve known since she was 15) is that they are helping me think more creatively about what kind of writing I put out into the world. When I lost my On Being column, to be honest, it left a bit of a hole in my writing life. I searched high and low for another place where I could publish the kinds of essays I love doing and didn’t come up with much. (I published this at The Washington Post, for example, but it was just a one-off.)

All this is to say that I’ve decided that I’m going to stop looking around for the spot on the Interweb that fits me, and just be myself right here, right now.

Which means I’ll write essays and publish them here when inspiration strikes, as it did this week (I’ll be sending that out tomorrow). Maybe I’ll occasionally send around old stuff that seems particularly relevant. I’ll also keep writing newsletters featuring three endorsements, as I’ve been doing for a season now (thank you for subscribing and for all of your amazing feedback!). I might even figure out how to publish some interviews I do here in podcast form, and/or think through some of the more complex questions related to the book I’m working on out loud with you. (It’s a doozy, but a very compelling doozy.)

Isn’t that exciting? I love how most career questions I’ve lived into end up circling me right back to: duh! Don’t twist yourself into a desperate pretzel. Don’t email into a black hole. Pay attention. Make stuff. Offer it up. Learn. Repeat.

Thanks for being on the ride alongside me. Spread the word if you think there’s someone else that might want to subscribe and enjoy our creatively maladjusted company!

Momma with a brand new bag,