I’ve hit the rage stage of sheltering in. I stomp around the neighborhood, my cheap, old scarf over my nose and mouth like some kind of demented outlaw…
Someone sketched the word TRUMP on the back of a manatee. I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop feeling about it. If we thought the violent…
Missing my instincts in the time of coronoavirus
Thanks to Ms. Grill of Emerson Elementary for the amazing illustration. I’m a big believer in reflecting in moments of transition. So here we are — one…
regardless of the results
A plea for reverence for what we have all endured
some thoughts on more nourishing ways to show up for your people in crisis
The rage is back, big time. The mental load of constantly weighing risks and benefits of various scenarios is utterly exhausting. Should we go see my…
Are you surprised by your own behavior and desires right now? Fighting with your partner or spouse? Pushing back against a board that wants to go back…
A correspondence on the equity implications of corona-era privatization
5 questions for educational/technology expert and advocate Richard Culatta
As I’ve been watching people flood out into the streets--masks on, murals up, knees down--I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how this moment even…