5 questions for philanthropic critic and healer Edgar Villanueva
Guys, I’m reading Hidden Valley Road and blown away by how propulsive the narrative is (and how many references there are to my hometown, Colorado Spri…
Last Friday, October 1, Oakland education activist Dirk Tillotson was murdered in his home. He was as real as they come, self-described as the “patron …
I love so much about this interview with Jon Stewart about his new show.
a gigantic thank you from me to you
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Excited to see this narrative expansion. Always curious about how the bottom line and audience demand shapes which narratives we see.
5 Questions for memoirist Danielle Henderson
Okay, this is becoming a meme of sorts. We had parenting. We had not parenting. And now we’ve got grandparenting. I couldn’t not share these reflection…
Loved this re-assertion of R&B.
the unbearable beauty of not parenting
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