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It’s a twist on “the examined life,” which is what my favorite professor in college (shout out Dennis Dalton!) told me was worth living (he stole it from Plato). The family part is because I’m now a mom…I guess. (Six years in, still getting used to the title.) In any case, I’ve realized it comes with a whole new raft of questions and that’s part of what I’m yammering on about here much of the time.

These are the ones that made me a mom. Stella is usually way more into life than this.

Thank goddess I’m not doing it alone. The only thing more White and patriarchal and, well, annoying than being angst-ridden is thinking you’re going to solve moral quandaries all by your triumphant lonesome, so we do it as a community here. The comment section is lit! The community is wise and engaged! Nuance is encouraged. Disagreement is enlivening.

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This is what I look like when I’m not covered in kids and instead sitting in the courtyard of my cohousing community and laughing at something my friend and collaborator Wendy MacNaughton said and then she says, “You look so pretty, I’m taking a picture.”